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Skeins front page
Skeins home page

Skeins are a yarn shop based in England who also have an online presence. We’re currently in the third version of the Skeins website, which went live in 2015, although we’ve refreshed the font choices and home page content since then. 

This version optimised for mobile usage while keeping some of the familar elements from previous designs: the vibrant range of colours, drawing inspiration from the logo, with nods to the core product (balls of wool!) in repetition of circles. 

Product takes centre stage with a focus on customers’ favourite brands and latest products, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re shopping for. Links to social media, and social content, also feature.

What we did:

  • Full website creation and design using WordPress, Woocommerce, and third party plug-ins
  • Implementation of HTTPS and SSL for security and customer confidence
  • Integration of Paypal and Stripe payment options 
  • Ensuring site complies with legislation around cookies, data privacy, and VAT on downloadable products
  • Copywriting and ongoing site maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation including Schema mark-up on key information
  • Accessibility built into the site with skiplinks for ease of navigation, simple font adjustment, and easy contrast adjustment
  • In-store point of sale system implemented allowing integrated stock control between online and in-store offering
  • Cloudflare set-up for speed and stability
  • Social media account creation and strategy
  • Email marketing: mailing list building, campaign writing and design
Marketing email example
An email sent to the mailing list